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Proclamation Requests

Use this form to request a proclamation, commendation or greeting. (Requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your event to be accommodated.) There are three types of recognition the City Council may make to honor citizens and organizations important to Bellevue:

  • PROCLAMATIONS to honor an organization with an honorary day, week or month;
  • COMMENDATIONS to honor an individual for civic achievement; and
  • GREETINGS welcome visitors to Bellevue meetings, conventions or special events.

Only one proclamation per year may be issued per individual or organization. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and not all requests can be accommodated, regardless of the timing. Proclamations generally are not offered for out-of-city events or for-profit causes. If we are unable to honor your request, we will let you know.

Target date for proclamation, commendation or greeting:

Requestor name:

Requestor's organization:

Requestor's address:

Home phone:

Work phone:


If you are requesting a proclamation, please submit a narrative that includes the following items. These examples can help you.

  1. Brief description of event or cause to be recognized;
  2. Four to seven reasons event or cause deserves attention; and
  3. A call to action, explaining how Bellevue residents can support event or cause.

If you are requesting a commendation, please submit a narrative that includes the numbered items. See example.

  1. Name of individual to be honored and individual's connection to Bellevue; and
  2. Individual's civic contributions or achievements to Bellevue.

If you are requesting a welcome letter, please submit a narrative that addresses the numbered items. See example.

  1. Name of organization coming to Bellevue;
  2. Time of organization's arrival and reason for visit; and
  3. Organization's and/or event's relationship to Bellevue.

Contact Information

City Council
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P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone: 425-452-7810
Fax: 425-452-7919
E-mail: council@bellevuewa.gov

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